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How to Recover Deleted Data On Samsung A14

In this article, you can see that it is definitely possible for you to recover your deleted data from Samsung Galaxy A14 no matter you backup them or not.

Have you deleted your some important data on Samsung Galaxy A14 by mistake and mow wondering how to get them back? It cloud be anything from an accidentally deleted files of your loved one to your important working document. Now you are not available of these data. And you can transfer your data from Samsung to Samsung A14 by Other way.

If this is your situation-don't worry. We can help you. This article will provide you entire handling steps and also introduce every application for you even you don't backup your data. Master how to recover your data is very important, because you can help yourselves solve this problem and at the same time you can know more about your data and your device. However, many article will not show you the specific steps and reasons how to do this. This article will help you do that from the following four parts. Each part will show you a complete operation and introduction.

Now let,s look at them one by one!

Part 1: Recover Data On Samsung Galaxy A14 from Android Data Recovery (no backup)

Most of the time, you lost your data by accident or by mistake. Therefore, there is little time for you to backup your data in advance(but there are also some will do that). Now, you have lost your backup and you don’t have a recent backup of those file.Under this circumstance, you need a powerful Android Data Recovery application to scan and extract your data from your Samsung Galaxy A14.

Android Data Recovery is a professional application fro users to recover data. It can be used to recover deleted files from both the internal storage and SD card of your Samsung device. It also can scan your devices without requiring previous backups or root access, and then display all lost data in the list so that you can have a choose and recover.

Samsung A14 Data Recovery
Recover Deleted/Lost Files from All Android Phone Devices.

Step 1 : Download Android Data Recovery first. Or you can open the application on the website.  Next, click “Android Data Recovery” in the first page. 

Step 2:Connecting your Samsung Galaxy A14 to computer. Debug your device first or maybe it can’t work.  

Step 3:You will see your Samsung on the screen when two connected. Next, click “OK” and you can enter the program to scan your data. 

Step 4: Here before data scanning you can select data deep scan mode and quick scan mode from the application. Just select what you want.  

Step 5: You can select what you want after the system scanning and show you a list. When confirm click “recover”.

Part 2: Recover Deleted Data On Samsung Galaxy A14 from Recycle Bin

You may think when you accidentally delete a file from your Samsung Galaxy A14 it is gone forever. Actually, that is not true. Some application such as Gallery and Notes have a recycle bin which can keep your recently deleted files. Therefore, some files you deleted from Samsung actually is removed from recycle bin where it can only keep the deleted data for 30 days. In other words, you have another chance to recover your file as long as you act quickly. But how? Here is the question.

Step 1: Launch your Gallery app on your Samsung device and tap on the three horizontal line on the top-the left one.

Step 2: Select the “recycle bin” option. Now you can preview all the data which you deleted from the Galaxy App.

Step 3: Select any one you want to recover and tap on the “restore” button.

Part 3: Recover Deleted Data On Samsung Galaxy A14 from Samsung Cloud

Most of the Android users would come with an integrated cloud service. For Samsung users, this is Samsung Cloud. Samsung cloud is featured by easily backup and restore backup data range from photos, videos, contacts and messages and so on. So if you accidentally lost your files and want to get them back you can try Samsung Cloud. Someone would wonder their phone don’t have Samsung Cloud app. Actually, it is in somewhere but on display on your Samsung device.

Step 1: Open up the “setting” on your Samsung device.

Step 2: Scroll down and select the “account and backup” button. Next choose from “Backup and Restore”. 

Step 3: Click “Restore data” so that you can proceed to the deleted data list. Select any one you want and then tap “Restore” from the list.

Part 4: Recover Deleted Data On Samsung Galaxy A14 from Google Drive

Google Drive is another popular cloud service option for many Samsung users, who will use this application to manage, backup and also restore data. Google Drive has one advantage over Samsung Cloud is that you can upload your files to the cloud and recover them even though they are deleted from your device. 

Step 1: Open “Google Drive” from your Samsung Galaxy A14. Or you can log into your Google account at Google.com on your computer.

Step 2: Find out the folder or location where you have stored the files which you want to recover.

Step 3: Select the files when you holding them back and choose the triple-dot option in the top right corner. Finally you can click “Download”.


If you ever find yourself in a circumstance where some important files from your Samsung device have been deleted or lost. There is no need to worry so much. There are always methods help you. In this article, you can see that it is definitely possible for you to recover your deleted files no matter you backup them or not. Simply follow the steps outlined above and you will have your lost data back in the least time.

Samsung Data Recovery
Recover Deleted/Lost Files from All Android Phone Devices.

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