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[Solved]Can i Recover Deleted Contacts From iPhone?

Everyone will always have some reason to lose the contact data in your iPhone15/14/13/12/11/X/Pro/Pro Max. When this happens, many people will be very anxious, but , our article is a detailed security solution for this kind of problem. Allows you to easily recover contacts and other data from your iPhone.

iPhone users have the capability to store a vast array of contacts on their devices. Should you discover an excess of redundant contacts in your list, the option to remove them presents itself, enabling you to reclaim storage space on your iPhone. This action could be particularly beneficial prior to selling the device. The subsequent set of instructions will guide you through the process of removing contacts from your iPhone, affording you the opportunity for a fresh beginning. This systematic guide will equip you with the essential information to facilitate a straightforward and effective process.

Below are the specific steps to recover data from iPhone Contacts Recovery. Recovering your data is the most urgent thing from now on. So follow the steps to restore your data and I will explain the details to you. When you finish this part, you may wonder why iPhone is the most recommended.

iPhone Data Recovery
Recover Deleted/Lost Contacts from you iPhone/iPad/iPod devices.

Option 1: Recover iPhone Contacts with iPhone Data Recovery.

Step 1

Launch the iPhone Data Recovery software, or download it if you haven't already. Begin by selecting "Recover from iOS device." Afterward, proceed to connect your iPhone 14/13/12/11/X Pro/Pro Max/Mini to your computer.

Step 2

Verify the connection status of your device. Initiate the process by clicking on "Start Scan," allowing the system to commence this procedure. If there are contacts that you cannot locate and wish to recover, you have the option to click on "Deep scan."

Step 3

Review the chosen contact within the list to ensure accuracy before proceeding with the recovery. Click "Restore to device" and exercise patience as the process unfolds.

Option 2:Retrieve iPhone Contacts by iCloud backup files.

An additional feature provided by iPhone Data Recovery is the ability to retrieve your data from iCloud backups. Let's proceed to guide you through the process of accessing your data.

Step 1

Select the "Recover from iCloud backup file" option, and kindly proceed to log in to your iCloud account.

Step 2

Establish a connection between your computer and your iPhone 14/13/12/11/X Pro/Pro Max/Mini to ensure seamless data transfer.

Step 3

Upon entering, you will find the backup list available for preview. Please ensure that your Contacts are included in this list. Preview the information and exercise patience.

Step 4

Select the "Restore" option and patiently await the completion of the process bar.

Option 3: Restore iPhone Contacts through iTunes backups files. 

When you want to recover your data from iTunes backups, then this option is also a good choice. If you found this workable pls give me a like. 

Step 1

If you're looking to retrieve your data from iTunes backups, this option serves as a viable choice as well. If you find this method effective, kindly consider expressing your approval.

Step 2

Connect your iPhone 14/13/12/11/X Pro/Pro Max/Mini to the computer and initiate the scanning process by selecting "Start Scan."

Step 3

Your available backups will be displayed, and you should choose your Contacts from the list. Once you've confirmed your selection, proceed by clicking the "Recover" option.

The aforementioned steps encompass the recovery process, which you'll likely find user-friendly. iPhone Data Recovery is particularly suited for those who are recovering their data for the first time. After successfully restoring your data, understanding the reasons behind data loss becomes crucial. This knowledge is vital because if data loss recurs, it could potentially exacerbate the damage to your data. Now, let me elaborate.

To minimize the likelihood of encountering data loss on your iPhone, it's imperative to prevent specific situations. Some individuals might wonder how to safeguard their system. Here lies the solution. Preemptively back up your iPhone 14/13/12/11/X Pro/Pro Max/Mini. By backing up your data, you can find solace in knowing that if data loss occurs, you can patiently await the opportune moment to recover your data. The fear of permanent data loss becomes obsolete once you've established a backup.

Now, how do you go about backing up your iPhone 14/13/12/11/X Pro/Pro Max/Mini, especially concerning contacts? Navigating this process correctly can be incredibly advantageous. Conversely, an incorrect application usage could present issues. Let me demonstrate the attributes of an effective data backup application.

iPhone Data Recovery is a software tool designed to facilitate the backup and restoration of iPhone/iPad/iPod data, offering the capability to restore data to your iOS device or PC. This software empowers you to recover various types of files, encompassing Contacts, Call History, photos, videos, messages, Numbers, and more. Its intuitive operation and compatibility with various devices are renowned online. It's undoubtedly an invaluable tool. To initiate your data backup through this application, ensure your iPhone 14/13/12/11/X Pro/Pro Max/Mini and computer are connected via USB cable. Launch iPhone Data Recovery and locate the "Backup your data" entry on the homepage. Once your devices are connected, your iPhone 14/13/12/11/X Pro/Pro Max/Mini data will be scanned. Subsequently, select desired data and click "Backup" to initiate the process. Upon completion, your data will be safeguarded.

There exist alternative approaches to regain lost contacts on your iPhone:

Method 1: Restore from iCloud or iTunes Backup:

If you frequently back up your iPhone via iCloud or iTunes, you can restore your device from a backup to retrieve your missing contacts. This process replaces all content on your iPhone, including the lost contacts, with the information from the backup.

  1. Connect iPhone and computer: Establish a connection between your iPhone and computer using a USB cable.
  2. Launch iTunes: On your computer, open iTunes. If you're using macOS Catalina or a newer version, utilize Finder instead of iTunes.
  3. Access iPhone: Click on the iPhone icon within iTunes or Finder.
  4. Restore Backup: Click the "Restore Backup" button.
  5. Select Backup: Choose the backup that includes the contacts you wish to recover.
  6. Initiate Recovery: Click "Recover" and wait for the process to finalize.
  7. Restart iPhone: After the restoration is complete, your iPhone will restart, and the lost contacts should be reinstated.

Note: For iCloud backup restoration, navigate to Settings > General > Reset > "Erase All Content and Settings." Then, set up your iPhone as a new device, select "Restore from iCloud Backup," and choose the backup containing your missing contacts.

Method 2: Check Accounts and Devices:

If you've linked iCloud, Google, or other accounts for contact synchronization, verify these accounts for the presence of your lost contacts. Also, check devices synced with these accounts, such as iPads or Macs.

  • Check Synchronized Accounts: Examine iCloud, Google, or other connected accounts for the missing contacts.
  • iCloud Verification: To check iCloud, visit Settings > iCloud > Contacts. If enabled, your contacts should be accessible.
  • Google Contacts: Access the Google Contacts website and log in. Enabled contact sync should display your contacts.
  • Check Other Devices: Investigate other synced devices like iPads or Macs.
  • Import Contacts: If contacts are absent in any account, enable contact sync for that account on your iPhone to import them.

Method 3: Contact Apple Support:

For contact loss stemming from hardware or software issues, Apple Support can provide assistance. They may aid in recovering your contacts or proposing alternative data recovery options.

  1. Reach Apple Support: Get in touch with Apple Technical Support to outline the issue with your missing contacts.
  2. Diagnostic Questions: An Apple representative will pose queries to diagnose the problem.
  3. Guided Recovery: Depending on the cause of contact loss, the representative might guide you through data recovery.
  4. Alternative Solutions: In certain cases, they could recommend alternative actions, such as iPhone repair.

Remember, the specific steps for each method may vary based on your iOS version and chosen recovery software. Carefully adhere to the provided instructions, and remember to back up your device before attempting any data recovery method.


The process of recovering contacts on iPhone 14/13/12/11/X Pro/Pro Max/Mini using iPhone Data Recovery is a significant yet uncomplicated inquiry. By employing this application correctly and effectively, you can not only regain your data but also safeguard it with finesse. Utilize iPhone Data Recovery to retrieve your personal data. With proactive action, you'll discover that both data recovery and backup are effortlessly manageable.

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