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[Solved]Recover iPhone Data from iCloud Backup

This is a web page that allows you to easily restore iPhone data from icloud backup. You can have a try.

any people may understand the important of iCloud Backup. While many people still don't know how to do this correctly. Recover deleted data from iPhone using iCloud Backup is an common way so that you's better master how to do this. 

Normally, I will answer your questions about iCloud backup and help you know the powerful channel of recover your data by iCloud Backup.

If you accidentally deleted your iCloud Backups or just deleted your iPhone data, there is no ultimate solution for recover your data from iCloud. Many people would think you can recover your lost iPhone data from without any help, because its steps are simple enough and you once have synced your iPhone data to other trusted devices and 

The data in your iCloud backup may not store in the It must be keep in mind that you and iCloud backups are two different ways. As we all know that some iPhone users may sync several kinds of data on iPhone to If you deleted the data on your device then your data in may also be deleted. They are always synchronized and data in also in your iPhone, unless there is some internet connection problem which cannot lead the synchronization.

Note: iCloud backup may store more data than, therefore if you deleted your icloud backup then you may not be able to get back all your data.

Method 1: Recover iPhone Data from iCloud Backup with iPhone Data Recovery

iPhone Data Recovery is a good application to recover and backup your data. Yes! The application can backup your data. But here this article is to help you how to choose the channel of iCloud Backup files to recover your data. It have three channels and you can choose one. Every one is simple and easy enough. If you don't know how to operate then you can do as the following.

iPhone Data Recovery
Recover Deleted/Lost Data from you iPhone/iPad/iPod devices
  • Recover a range of content, including photos, videos, music, notes, messages, call logs, and more.
  • Easy to use, 100% Guaranteed data security

Step 1

Click “Recover from iCloud backup file” in homepage and then log into your iCloud account (The same one as the former).

Step 2

Make a connection between your iPhone and your computer so that your data can be scanned. Next step is to proceed to select data.

Step 3

If two systems connected then you can preview your backups in iCloud backup. Next you can choose data that you want to recover and make it in the list. 

Step 4

Confirm data that you want to recover and next you can click “Recover” to finish.

Method 2: Recover deleted iPhone data through iCloud Backup Website

If you just want to recover your deleted data from iCloud backup that didn't through iPhone Data Recovery then the following steps are also suitable for you. But pls keep in mind that the steps may a little troublesome.

Step 1

Turn on your iPhone device and next you will see a Hello screen on your device. Have you ever set up your device? If you have already set up your device then you need to erase all of its content before you can use these steps to restore from your iCloud backup.

Step 2

Pls follow the onscreen setup until you reach the app&data screen, of course next you should tap restore from your iCloud backup.

Step 3

Sign your iCloud on your iPhone device with your previous Apple ID.

Step 4

Choose a backup files in your device and next you can check the specific data and size of your backups. When you choose a backup the transfer will starts. If a message says that a new version of software is needed, you can follow the screen steps to update. When you can find your data in this page then you can seek help. 

Tips: When you are asked then you can sign your Apple ID and next restore your apps or purchases. If you have purchased iTunes or app store content using your multiple Apple IDs, you will be asked to sign in one by one. If you forget your passwords then you can skip this step and sign in later.

Step 5

Pls stay connected to your WI-FI and wait for a progress bar to appear and complete. You can depending on the size of your backups or your network speed. The recovery process will waste you few minutes or sometime even few hours to finished. So you need to be more patient. 

Notice: If you accidentally disconnected your WI-FI to your device during recovery then the process will also stop until you reconnected them again.

Step 6

It is time to finished your recovery process. If the amount of your recovered information is too much then contents like your apps, photos music or even other will continue to restore in the background even for the next few days. So you's better be more patient. Your data will be soon be back after the process finish.

iPhone Data Recovery
Recover Deleted/Lost Data from you iPhone/iPad/iPod devices


Some people may see the data recovery as simple. However recovery data have so many tips and worries as the article show therefore you'd better keep in mind be more patient and be more time wasting on it. When you begin, you may found restoring deleted data from iCloud backup through iPhone Data Recovery have the great efficient and you also can save many of your time and st the same time you may wonder it is super convenient.

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