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Google Pixel Data Recovery Without Backup

You can follow this article to restore lost or deleted data on your google pixel phone easily with several useful methods.

Google Pixel Data Recovery Without Backup

Do you know Google Pixel device? Google Pixel is a mobile phone developed by Google standard which users can run on Android and Chrome systems. This phone is widely famous for its excellent shooting effect. Of course your phone will save all of your precious data but not everyone will learn to backup their data in advance. If you lost and delete important data on their phones, don't worry. Here are ways to help you. Therefore, this application are here to help you recover your Google Pixel data without backup. 

Part 1: Causes for data loss without backup on Google Pixel

The data on your Phones is valuable, and nobody would like to lose it. There are different data types including your videos, images, audio, documents, contact and so on. Every data types have its own importance in your device or even in your heart. This article are specifically written by the people who never backup their Google Pixel. In this article, we will dive into Android Data Recovery and help you recover your data without any hassle. 

Maybe you don't know the reasons for data loss without backup on Google Pixel. The following are familiar reasons for causing data loss. When you know all of these data loss causes then you can avoid them as soon as possible.

  • Accidentally delete your mobile phone data which is the main reason for data loss.
  • Update or downgrade your mobile phone system but it fails the it will make you lost your data.
  • Without data backup and data formatting will also delete data.
  • Virus infection which is uncommon but it is also will cause data loss.
  • After you know these reasons then you can do something to avoid the data loss to protect your Google Pixel data.

Part 2: Methods of Google pixel data recovery without backup

Not everyone have the habit of backup data. So when data loss, those who never backup their data will worry a lot. But once you read this article accidentally, then this will help you a lot. What you can do to help your data? Download the Android Data Recovery right now.

In this case, we do not have the backup to retrieve the data. Therefore, data recovery becomes difficult. But if you know the right tool for your Google Pixel. The Data Recovery is not difficult and quick. You need a data recovery tool that can bring you all your data without the need for a backup. 

Google Pixel Data Recovery
Recover Deleted/Lost Files from All Android Phone Devices.

Android Data Recovery is a special Windows application that can recover data from Android devices. It is compatible with 6000+Android devices along with all models of Google Pixel. Even if the screen of your Google Pixel is broken then the application can also recover your formal data. Mostly, no matter your data deletion for any reasons this application all can recover your 11+ file types with only a click. Now let’s read how to operate the tool:

Step 1: Open Android Data Recovery if you have download it. 

Step 2: Click "Android Data Recovery" in the homepage.  

Step 3: Link your Google Pixel to computer using the USB cable. Remember to debug your Google Pixel in USB button. After that the system can scan your device.

Step 4: Click "OK" if your device recognize. Your Google Pixel data will show on the screen. You can select any data in your device.

Step 5: Finally click "Recover" to confirm. After that the system will begin works. 

Bonus tip: Google Pixel Broken Screen Data Recovery

If the screen of your Google Pixel is broken, you can still recover your data even though you can not open your device. There are ways to do that. Pls keep in mind that you cannot use the device in this case,so Google Backup will not work. You can use Android Data Recovery above. It works on the broken screen and there is no need to tape on anything on the screen. You only need to connect your Google Pixel device to computer,and your data will recovered without any trouble. Follow the steps in Android Data Recovery and click "Broken data recovery" in the application. 

Finally for this situation, here are some questions for you to know more about your device and also the data recovery application.

Q1: Can data be recovered after a factory reset?

There are two days to recover data after a factory reset. If you have backup your data in advance then you can recover data from the original channel. But in most case, we do not have backup data, so Android Data Recovery is a good way. 

Q2: Is it possible to recover deleted data from Google Drive?

Yes, it is possible to recover deleted data from Google Drive. But for that, you need to have a backup that was created before losing the files. Moreover, Google Drives backup can only recover your backups but cannot recover without backup and it can only selected types of data. 


The data lost from Google Pixel devices can be recovered using various methods. But data without backup can only recover through Android Data Recovery. It can recover all your data lost from the Google Pixel with a few clicks. You can only need to follow the simple steps above. 

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