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[2023]Migrate Data from Samsung to Xiaomi 14

This is the most practical article on how to transfer data from Samsung phone to Xiaomi 14. Here, you will learn different data transfer methods, allowing you to easily solve your problem.

Migrate Data from Samsung to Xiaomi 14

In an increasingly mobile world, the ease of seamlessly transferring data between devices is critical to maintaining productivity and retaining important information. This guide is specially customized for those who want to switch from Samsung smartphone to Xiaomi 14 device without losing any precious data. With the development of technology, smartphones play an increasingly important role in our lives. Data transmission between switching devices is becoming more and more important. So, for those who want to easily switch between Samsung smartphones and Xiaomi devices, this guide will provide some useful advice and guidance.

First, you need to make sure that you have backed up your important data on your Samsung smartphone. This can include photos, videos, text messages, contacts, call logs, whatsapp data, audio, and other types of important information. After completing the backup, you can transfer the data from Samsung to your Xiaomi 14 device using the following steps in this guide.

Method 1: One-Click Transfer with iDATAPP MobieSync

iDATAPP MobieSync software offers a trouble-free solution for transferring data. Developed with user experience and efficiency in mind, this software is designed to work seamlessly with a variety of devices, including Samsung and Xiaomi. With iDATAPP MobieSync, you can easily and efficiently move your files and folders to your device, ensuring that you always have access to the information you need.

iDATAPP MobieSync
Transfer any data between your Android/iOS Devices.

Next are the steps to transfer data from Samsung to Xiaomi 14:

Step 1: Download and install MobieSync on your computer. Connect both your Samsung and Xiaomi 14 to the PC. Launch the program, and it will automatically identify your devices.

iDATAPP MobieSync

Step 2: Ensure you've selected a Samsung device as the source from the menu at the top center. The details of your source device will appear. You can switch to Xiaomi 14 if needed.

Step 3: Navigate to the data option on the left side, where you'll see all the files on your Samsung. You can choose a specific data type from various folders. For example, if you want to transfer screenshots to another Xiaomi 14, locate the Screenshots folder and select the data you need.

Step 4: Once you've chosen the data, click the phone icon labeled "Export to Device" to move the data from your Samsung to Xiaomi 14. Wait a moment, and your data will be on your target Xiaomi 14.

Method 2: Migrate Any Data to Xiaomi 14 via Cloud-Based

Companies like Google Cloud, Samsung Cloud, and Xiaomi Cloud offer services where you can store and sync your data on different devices. These services make it easy for you to share and access your data across various devices. They also let you back up and recover your data. Plus, they have strong security measures in place to keep your data safe and protected.

Just follow these steps to do it:

Step 1: Back up your data on your Samsung device using your chosen cloud service.

Step 2: Log in to the same cloud account on your Xiaomi device.

Step 3: Finally, retrieve the data by downloading it onto your new Xiaomi phone.

Method 3: Move Samsung data to Xiaomi 14 by Samsung Smart Switch

You can use Samsung Smart Switch to automatically back up and transfer data, thereby saving time and energy. With this feature, you can easily and safely transfer backed up data to the new Xiaomi 14 through your computer. In addition, Samsung Smart Switch also provides other functions, such as data transfer progress display and transfer completion confirmation, to ensure that the data transfer process proceeds smoothly.

Here are the steps to transfer data from samsung to xiaomi 14 easily:

Step 1: Install Smart Switch on your Samsung device.

Step 2: Utilize Smart Switch to create a backup of your data.

Step 3: Next, use external storage such as an SD card or PC to transfer the data to your Xiaomi 14.

backup samsung data with Samsung Smart Switch

Method 4: Sync Samsung Data to Xiaomi 14 with PC

One uncomplicated approach is to use a computer as a go-between for manually handling and moving files to and from your phone. This method is quite direct and handy, and it doesn't involve using external applications or cloud services.

Step 1: Attach your Samsung phone to the PC and transfer the desired data to a folder on the computer.

Step 2: Safely disconnect the Samsung and then link your Xiaomi 14.

Step 3: Shift the stored data from the PC to your new Xiaomi 14 device.

Sync Samsung Data to Xiaomi 14 with PC


Replacing your smartphone should be an exciting leap, not a tedious task. By using the above methods, you can confidently manage data migration from Samsung phone to Xiaomi 14 device. Today, with the rapid development of modern technology, smartphones have become an indispensable partner for people. When it's time to replace your phone, migrating your data can often be a daunting task.

You have various practical options to simplify the process of transfer Samsung data to your new Xiaomi 14 phone. Use this guide as a roadmap to address challenges in transferring data and begin your experience with the new device. Whether you opt for a one-click Samsung to Xiaomi 14 transfer tool, utilize cloud services, explore manufacturer-specific apps, or handle it manually through your PC, your data is prepared to accompany you into the future.

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