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How to Transfer Any Data from iPhone to iPhone 15?

Do you want to Transfer any data from iPhone to iPhone 15? This article will show you the best methos to sync data/contacts/photos/messages/videos from iPhone to new iPhone 15/Pro/Max.

Apple is about to unveil the iPhone 15, a phone that will bring unprecedented upgrades. The iPhone 15 series will fully cover Dynamic Island. The iPhone 15 series will use USB-C charging and will also cancel the Lightning port. In addition, this phone will also be improved and upgraded in other aspects to make your life more convenient and comfortable. Let us look forward to the release of iPhone 15 together!

Whenever Apple launches a new iPhone, searches on how to transfer all data to the new iPhone increase dramatically. Since no one wants to lose their data on a new iPhone, they're looking for ways to do it safely. While the phone isn't officially on sale yet, many people have expressed interest in its performance and looks. For Apple fans, they can't wait to buy this new phone. In addition to the iPhone 15, Apple also announced an important new product launch event, which will be held at the end of this year. Apple is rumored to be unveiling a new Mac computer at the event. For those users who need a more powerful computer, this new computer will be a good choice. Apple's products have always been well-received, especially their iPhone smartphones. Each generation of iPhone brings new features and designs that make the user experience even better. For Apple fans, their new iPhones are coming and looking forward to it.

Transferring between Apple iPhones is made simple and easy without worrying about backups. You don't need to spend extra time backing up your old iPhone and then restoring it to your new iPhone. iPhone Transferring everything just got easier without having to worry about backups. You don't need to spend extra time backing up your old iPhone and then restoring it to your new iPhone. Whether you're migrating data from iPhone to new iPhone, or transferring hardware from an existing iPhone to a new iPhone, Apple has simple and easy solutions.

Method 1: Transfer Data from iPhone to iPhone 15 with iOS Transfer

A highly recommended option for transferring data from one iPhone to another is the iOS Transfer. This app is considered one of the best iPhone-to-iPhone transfer apps and is a professional tool for backing up and transferring data on iOS devices. iOS Transfer is designed to offer a seamless and efficient way to transfer data between iPhones. With its user-friendly interface and reliable performance, this app is a great choice for anyone looking to transfer data between two iPhones. One of the key benefits of iOS Transfer is its ability to transfer files to and from different iPhones without any data loss. This is important when transferring sensitive information, such as photos and videos, or when you want to keep your original files safe.

iOS Transfe
Transfer/Sync Any Data between your iPhone/iPad/iPod Devices.

Step 1: Connect both iPhones devices using your computer.

Step 2: Choose the desired file type from the source device for file export.

Step 3: Review the files, then click on "Export to Device" to pick the target device's name.

Tips: Recover Lost Data from iPhone

Method 2: Transfer Data from iPhone to iPhone 15 by Quick Start

Apple's Quick Start feature is a convenient way to wirelessly transfer everything from your old iPhone to your new iPhone 15 (Plus/Pro/Pro Max). Here are the quick start steps to help you do this.

Step 1: First, place your two iPhones close together and connect them to the same Wi-Fi network.

Step 2: When you turn on your iPhone 15, you will see an option to "Set Up New iPhone", which will ask you if you want to use your Apple ID to set up your new iPhone. If you confirm, please continue. (If you can't see the option to continue, turn on Bluetooth.)

Step 3: Use the camera of the old iPhone on iPhone 15 to scan the surrounding blue pattern > If a passcode is required, you need to enter the passcode of the iPhone 15.

After you've finished creating your Face ID settings, you'll be asked to make it the default, or wait a while. Next it's time to transfer your data.

Step 4: Within your new iPhone 15, navigate to Transfer from iPhone > Consent to the presented terms and conditions > Decide whether to transfer settings from Siri, Maps, and other apps, or personalize them according to your preference > Proceed by tapping Continue.

Sometimes, Quick Start might not work properly due to a weak network connection between the two iPhones or unforeseen issues. If this happens to you, you can refer to the guide we provided - Quick start not working, to troubleshoot and resolve the issue. There are some common problems you may encounter when doing Quick Start method, for example, the distance between the two iPhones is too far or the network connection is too weak to complete the initialization process. These issues may cause Quick Start to fail or not work properly.

In order to solve these problems, you can try the following steps:

1. Make sure that the distance between the two iPhones is moderate, while maintaining a good network connection.

2. Check for error messages or prompts during initialization. If error messages appear, try ignoring them and retrying the initialization process.

3. If the problem persists, try to reset the Quick Start settings by using the "General" tab in the iPhone's "Settings" app and selecting the "Reset" option.

4. If the above steps still cannot solve the problem, please consider contacting Apple Customer Support Team for further assistance. Quick Start may not work properly in some cases.

However, most of the common issues can be resolved to ensure the Quick Start works correctly by referring to the guides we provide and trying the steps above.

Method 3: Transfer iPhone Data to iPhone 15 with Backup

You also have the option of transferring your data to the new iPhone by utilizing iTunes or iCloud backup files for restoration. Yet, it's important to recognize that this method carries a certain level of risk, as there is a potential for data loss throughout the procedure.

Step 1: Power on your new iPhone 15 > Follow the on-screen prompts to initiate the new iPhone setup until you reach the Apps & Data screen > Opt for the option to Restore from iCloud Backup.

Step 2: Log in to iCloud using your Apple ID > Select the most recent backup, and the transfer process will commence.

Video Guide to Move iPhone Data to iPhone 15


In conclusion, when you want to migrate your iPhone to iPhone 15, you have the following options. If you want an efficient method, you can directly use iOS Transfer or Quick Start to transfer data without backup. Also, you can restore from iCloud or iTunes backup, but this may also result in some data loss. If you found this guide helpful, please consider sharing it with others who may have the same need.

iOS Data Transfer
Transfer/Sync Any Data between your iPhone/iPad/iPod Devices.

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